Scent - Lightly scented with Lavender & Sage Fragrance Oils. 7oz


Our manifestation candle can bring about the realization of your desires. If you feel as though your desires may be too lofty then you also must believe that they are possible, our manifestation candle can help you do this. Our candles are hand-poured with high-quality ingredients and are pretty much the best that you can get.


Try saying your affirmations while burning this candle. The candlelight and fragrance are said to help you focus and bring the universe into alignment with your desire

Manifestation Candle

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  • Ingredients - Our candles are made with coco-apricot wax, completed with a braided cotton candlewick. Hand-poured in a glamorous and stylish gold and white ceramic vessel, adding a sophisticated touch to any decor.


    Directions- Sit in a quiet room and relax your mind and body. Light your manifestation candle and state your intentions. Focus on the candle flame and visualize every detail of your intention statement or write your statement on a piece of paper and place it under the candle vessel. Feel gratuity and respect. Release your energy into the universe