A therapeutic soap bar not overpowering like your grandma’s, (sorry grandma). With the perfect combination of lavender and rosemary essential oils, this bar is strong yet feminine. If you are looking for a therapeutic decongestant or a soothing morning shower, this bar fits the bill. The lavender will energize you and rosemary will soothe you.


Also, this bar is enriched with olive oil to cleanse and hydrate the skin. Compare to other soap bars on the market, If you like a big long-lasting bar, then this is the one for you.

Lavender Rose

  • 100% Saponified: Olive Oil, Mint/Lavender Tea base, Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil, Canola Oil, Castor Oil. Additives: Moroccan Clay Powder, Kaolin Clay, Organic Alkanet Root Powder. Scent - Lavender & Rosemary Essential Oil.