A story of freshness

Meet Sharon


Intuition is a handcrafted bath and body product line, formulated for all skin types. Our products are designed to benefit both your mind and body which allows you to live a healthy, happy, and beautiful life.


We are dedicated to providing high quality products while creating new and exciting scents that will awaken your senses. We offer a variety of scents that vary from fruity, floral, sweet, musky, and everything in between. Our product lines include soap bars, candles, body scrubs, clay masks, lotions, bath bombs and more. Intuition also offers specialty items for the holidays and special occasions.


Intuition was established in 2016 by me (Sharon) in my kitchen! I've always had a passion for creating things with my own hands so starting my own business seemed like the perfect way to express myself creatively while doing something I love! The word intuition means "the ability to understand something instinctively without the need for conscious reasoning." This word describes exactly how I feel when I create my products because I believe we have an inner ability to recognize what it is we're meant to do which is why we should always listen to our intuition!


My main goal is to help people find balance in their lives by providing them with natural products that helps nurture the body and soul.


-Sharon H.

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